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SensorData Technologies | Standard and Custom Force and Torque Sensors

Founded in 1992, SensorData Technologies is a leading global expert in the development and manufacture of standard and custom force, torque load and strain sensors, including dual range, multi-axis and other complex designs.
Our talented team features some of the industry’s most experienced experts, enabling us to reach the most optimal solution to your measurement challenges. Our smaller company size allows us to provide personalized attention to requirements. Because of this, many satisfied customers view us as a seamless extension of their own R&D department.
SensorData is also an industry pioneer in the successful integration of optical measurement and Bluetooth wireless technologies for critical torque measurements. We are also the first in the world to introduce a “true” dual range force transducer family.

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Non-contact rotary torque measurement with up to 30’ wireless data transmission

Dual Range

True dual range sensors with measurement ranges of up to a 5:1 ratio


Conveyor analysis tool with up to 750’ wireless data transmission

R&D Support

As soon as we started developing our lines of sensors, we were immediately faced with a big roadblock; an outdated signal transmission technology. Signal transmission is the art of transmitting the signal produced by the sensor ...